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2018 doesn’t suck so far

I’m now the proud owner of a 2300 sq ft Victorian-style home in Central Gardens, a neighborhood in the heart of Memphis. It’s a zero lot and gated community with a total of four homes. I’ve been told that a very large home used to be on this lot and was torn down to make way for these to be built. I’m close to Overton Square and Cooper Young, and just minutes from downtown. Unfortunately, I’m farther from work but I love living here.

My son and his wife moved in last August while they’re finishing up school. Stephen should finish in August, his wife will finish in May of 2019. They’ve found an apartment close to Shelby Farms, and the balcony faces out on the dog park. I’m a little sad about them leaving but also happy for them. I think their menagerie (two cats and a dog) will be happy about the large outdoor space.

My daughter, Samantha, and her husband, Adam, have been in their own apartment since last June or so, and seem very happy. They bring Zelda over to play with Cosmo sometimes or just meet at the dog park. They live about a mile from it, so it’s very convenient. Samantha is graduating from nursing school on May 25th! Her dad and I are very proud of her.

I’ve been divorced now for about a year and a half. I still have conflicted emotions about all that and how it went down. It’s easy to want to blame my ex for a lot of things but I’m not naive enough to think that I had no fault in all of it. We had 32 years together and it’s just going to take awhile to not feel sad and wonder all the “what ifs.” My family has been very supportive, along with my friends and co-workers. I admit to regretting not going to counseling with my ex, to be able at least to say that we really tried everything before going through all that, before putting my kids and family through all that. In the end, I think it’s safe to say that we grew apart over the years, and had different ideas for the future. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I prefer to look forward from now on!

Stay tuned for more posts about dating after being married for most of my life lol!


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