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The weather is beautiful here in Memphis, Tennessee! It was in the upper 70’s yesterday with the same expected today. I plan to finish putting out my sunflower seedlings, finish spray painting some doorknobs, and whatever else I come across that can be done outside.

I finished the second block of color on my sweater project and have started the second color work chart. Loving it still! Have a great weekend : )



Color block sweater

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Second block of color almost finished.

Second block of color almost finished.

Sweater update

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I’ve been busy giving myself carpal tunnel this weekend, but making progress on my sweater project. I read a good blog on stretches for knitters, which I definitely needed!
Sweater2I started on the next block of color last night before heading to bed. With snow flurries most of the day yesterday, it was a perfect day to spend knitting.

My son’s birthday was yesterday, too, and he was home from college for the weekend. We had grilled steaks and corn, salad, vegetables, and rolls. He requested the same cake I made for him last year, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake. This year I did it in a Bundt cake instead of cake layers. He had a huge piece with ice cream. I made it most of the way through a medium-sized piece but it was too rich for me to finish!


I think I’ll make something similar for my husband’s birthday, but in German Chocolate, maybe with some Mounds Bars. That’ll ensure that I don’t eat more than a piece since I’m not a fan of coconut!

Still looking for fabric for my Wingback chairs I’m reupholstering. Hancock’s was having a sale but it’s still about $50 a chair, if I’m able to find fabric for around $10/yard. Most of the fabrics I really like are much more than that! Any tips from experienced fabric buyers out there on this problem? I would welcome help!

Sweater progress

February 25, 2013 2 comments


I’ve had to frog once already because my pattern got off, and I just noticed that I’ll have to frog again for the same reason. That’s what I get for trying to watch the Oscars and knit at the same time! That and sipping wine…

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February 23, 2013 4 comments

I’ve started a new knitting project. It’s a sweater for my future son-in-law. I subscribe to Vogue Knitting, and in the Winter issue there was a fabulous men’s sweater with some color work in it.VKW1213_27D
I ordered my yarn from Webs and have made it to the first color band. I love it so far!
I got my bedroom painted and have been looking around for some fabric to recover some wingback chairs I bought off of Craigslist last month. Still a work in progress. Next month will be busy with three birthdays (my husband and both children), and two different Spring breaks. My daughter’s will be spent most likely deciding on the venue for her wedding. She’s a bit stressed out by her future MIL already. They have family in Poland that need to make arrangements. I told my daughter that we can give them an answer by the end of March, and this should give them a good 6 months for planning travel arrangements. Don’t you think that’s long enough? DD is getting stressed out to the point where she is saying they may just go to the the JP! Of course, that would cut down on stress for all of us…But, no, I told her not to make any decisions right now about it, and to tell her fiancé to quit telling her what his mother is saying!

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Pool now completed!

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Pool now completed!

If you caught my earlier posts, you would have seen this in process. It’s been finished since the end of November, but I’m just now posting the finished product. We love it and can’t wait to share it with friends and family this summer!!

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Knitting, painting, and other obsessions

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I have now finished the Traveling Cable Socks. I’m pretty happy with them although I did mess up a bit on the first sock. I left out some decreasing on accident, so the instep isn’t as fitted as it should be, but I’m not stressing over it. The socks are very wearable and my first advanced sock knitting pattern. Live and learn!Image


I’m in the process of painting my bedroom. It’s needed it for a long time, but I’ve had trouble picking the color. That was solved by my husband picking the color : ) It’s a blue, similar to a sky blue. I plan to lighten up our bedding and add some spots of orange either with pillows or a throw. I bought two matching Queen Anne wingback chairs for $50 bucks that need new upholstery. I came across a blog with a good tutorial (http://www.threeboys.net/2011/10/day-lets-start-putting-on-fabric.html) for how to DIY and plan to give it a go. I’m kind of excited to try it out! As I’m painting, I’m listening to “Game of Thrones” on my Audible app. Great, engrossing story with lots of swordplay and intrigue, death and sex, heroes and villains! Makes the time go by a lot faster and takes a little of the pain out of painting (which, truth be told, I don’t mind so much : ))

Both my kids have gone back to college for their Spring semester and my husband is out of town on business. I have the house to myself all this week. So, last night, as I started on my next knitting project (a cabled hat out of Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Hat Book), I came across the show “Smash.” I was a big fan of Katherine McPhee when she was on American Idol so I was interested to see her new show. I love it!! Watching her reminds me of my beautiful daughter and all her performances on stage, singing and acting. <sigh>

Anyway, if you like singing, drama, musicals, etc, you should check out this show!