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Memorial Weekend

Let’s not dwell on how long it’s been since I last posted. We’ve had some life events, all good, that have taken up time and energy, along with wacky schedules, that have played into my online absence.

My daughter got married last July. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, very small, with only family. She and her husband are still in school in Knoxville and live there most of the time.


My son finished up his third semester in college, then decided to take a break to work and decide what he really wanted to do with his life. He plans to go back to school in the fall and major in Nursing (as of now!). I’m sure this has nothing to do with his decision to stay home for a semester, but his girlfriend did just graduate high school, and will be going to the same college as him in the fall.


We took a cruise in December the week before Christmas with my husband’s brother and his family. We had so much fun! They have two little girls, ages 7 and 9. I was a little worried that it might lessen the enjoyment for my BIL and SIL, but it was great!


I changed jobs at the end of March. Instead of driving an hour to and from a primary care clinic, I now work 10 minutes down the road at a testosterone replacement clinic! So much less stressful, and it’s working out really well. : )

My husband’s 50th birthday was also in March. I threw a big party for him with the theme of Doomsday Preppers. It was a blast!


Also, my dad retired from his job, my sister graduated from her social work Master’s program, and there have been various health issues with some family and close friends. It’s been a year filled with all the usual happenings that make up this life.

I have been knitting along the way. When the new Hunger Games movie came out, I was immediately struck by the very vogue cowl Katniss wore in the opening scene. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because I was able to Google it that night and find a pattern someone had already posted that was a similar version!  I bought the pattern, got the yarn and went right to work. It didn’t take long. I then found that Lion Brand Yarn had also made a pattern, so I actually combined the two to make this:











I’ve also completed a pair of socks, an afghan (made out of leftover yarn), a baby blanket, two baby hats, several boutique yarn scarves that I gave as Christmas presents, and I don’t remember what else! I still have a sweater to finish due to problems with the shoulders. It’s the one I posted pictures of last year, sadly. I plan to take it up to my local yarn store so Bridgett can look at the pattern to see if it’s written correctly. It may be just me : ).

Now to enjoy the day! Hope all of you have a good Memorial Day!


Body now finished!

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On another note, our backyard looks so beautiful! My husband had cut our azaleas back at the wrong time the first year we lived in this house, and it’s taken them a couple of years to recuperate.


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March is a really busy month for me; my husband and children all had birthdays this month! Now my kids have different Spring Breaks, too, so I’ve tried to make their favorite foods while they’re at home. At work, I have two co-workers who have younger children, and they both took off the week of Spring Break. That left me to answer to any pressing issues and picking up slack where needed. It made for a very busy month. I didn’t get to work too much on my knitting, but thought I would post a picture today to show the progress I did make.


This is the back. I have about 4 more inches of this to do to complete the length of the armholes, which start after the second section of color work.  I’m not tired of this project yet!

I had bought some Baker’s unsweetened chocolate squares a few weeks ago because I knew I wanted to make Molten Lava Cakes at some point while my kids were home. The four of us have gone on two Carnival Cruises in the past, and the sit-down dinner was always a highlight of the day. Not only was the food delicious, but, in addition to each night’s planned desserts, the lava cake was offered as a standard menu option. We have since been in love with these! I baked them for 12 minutes and the consistency was perfect; cake around the outside with a warm chocolatey melted middle. Top your cake with some  vanilla ice cream to offset the not-too-sweet chocolate flavor. You have to try this!!

Have a lovely Easter weekend : )


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The weather is beautiful here in Memphis, Tennessee! It was in the upper 70’s yesterday with the same expected today. I plan to finish putting out my sunflower seedlings, finish spray painting some doorknobs, and whatever else I come across that can be done outside.

I finished the second block of color on my sweater project and have started the second color work chart. Loving it still! Have a great weekend : )


Color block sweater

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Second block of color almost finished.

Second block of color almost finished.

Sweater update

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I’ve been busy giving myself carpal tunnel this weekend, but making progress on my sweater project. I read a good blog on stretches for knitters, which I definitely needed!
Sweater2I started on the next block of color last night before heading to bed. With snow flurries most of the day yesterday, it was a perfect day to spend knitting.

My son’s birthday was yesterday, too, and he was home from college for the weekend. We had grilled steaks and corn, salad, vegetables, and rolls. He requested the same cake I made for him last year, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake. This year I did it in a Bundt cake instead of cake layers. He had a huge piece with ice cream. I made it most of the way through a medium-sized piece but it was too rich for me to finish!


I think I’ll make something similar for my husband’s birthday, but in German Chocolate, maybe with some Mounds Bars. That’ll ensure that I don’t eat more than a piece since I’m not a fan of coconut!

Still looking for fabric for my Wingback chairs I’m reupholstering. Hancock’s was having a sale but it’s still about $50 a chair, if I’m able to find fabric for around $10/yard. Most of the fabrics I really like are much more than that! Any tips from experienced fabric buyers out there on this problem? I would welcome help!

Sweater progress

February 25, 2013 2 comments


I’ve had to frog once already because my pattern got off, and I just noticed that I’ll have to frog again for the same reason. That’s what I get for trying to watch the Oscars and knit at the same time! That and sipping wine…

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