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Obviously I’ve not been sitting at my computer much this last month! I’ve been working outside a lot in my spare time getting our yard in order. My husband is constantly reorganizing the landscaping that our house came with, moving bushes and putting in new ones. It looks good so far. He’s putting in cedar bushes in place of the azaleas around our pool and moving the azaleas more to the back of the landscaping. He just likes the look better. I don’t have a problem with it, as long as I can see the azaleas when they’re in bloom for those wonderful 2-3 weeks in Spring. We also painted our deck a redwood color. At first it seemed a little much, but now I think it looks just right. The deck should last a lot longer, too.


The herb garden is going crazy, tomato plants are growing, and the blackberry bushes are doing well, too. No blackberries yet, of course, I just mean they didn’t die after we planted them! I love all these plants in my yard but my allergies have been crazy, despite my nasal spray, Zyrtec and Singulair. I may consider allergy shots if it gets any worse. I’m eating local honey, too, probably not enough, though. Oh, well, it’s worth the price to live here.

I’ve put my colorwork sweater aside for awhile as I’m making some gifts for three ladies who are giving a bridal shower for my daughter. I’ll post pictures after I’ve finished the projects, which are felted crochet pot holders.

I finally picked the material that I want to use to recover the wingback chairs I got off Craigslist. Here’s a picture:




I decided to go with a material that makes me happy when I look at it, instead of something subdued that would match anything. I may regret it later, but the pop of red is really pretty! I think it’ll look great up against my blue walls.

My son, who’s 19, hasn’t found a job yet, so he’s getting to do odd projects around the house for my husband during the day. Today he’s going to pressure wash an old wooden bridge that was in our backyard when we bought the house, then we’re going to paint it the same color as our deck.

Now I need to get going while I have time off! Hope not to take so long to post next time. : )


Sweater update

March 3, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been busy giving myself carpal tunnel this weekend, but making progress on my sweater project. I read a good blog on stretches for knitters, which I definitely needed!
Sweater2I started on the next block of color last night before heading to bed. With snow flurries most of the day yesterday, it was a perfect day to spend knitting.

My son’s birthday was yesterday, too, and he was home from college for the weekend. We had grilled steaks and corn, salad, vegetables, and rolls. He requested the same cake I made for him last year, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake. This year I did it in a Bundt cake instead of cake layers. He had a huge piece with ice cream. I made it most of the way through a medium-sized piece but it was too rich for me to finish!


I think I’ll make something similar for my husband’s birthday, but in German Chocolate, maybe with some Mounds Bars. That’ll ensure that I don’t eat more than a piece since I’m not a fan of coconut!

Still looking for fabric for my Wingback chairs I’m reupholstering. Hancock’s was having a sale but it’s still about $50 a chair, if I’m able to find fabric for around $10/yard. Most of the fabrics I really like are much more than that! Any tips from experienced fabric buyers out there on this problem? I would welcome help!